FAQ for Property Managers, Flippers & Rehabbers

1. What is Quality of product at $1.19?

At $1.19 this product is in the "good" category. A product that's scratch resistant and water resistant. New patterns that compare to high-end products - yet, the price is unbelievable.

2. Would Backing/Underlay be needed?

No, depending on surface being laid on. At $1.19 if underlay is desired it can be used. At this $1.19 price point adding underlayment would raise the price.

3. Is Acclamation needed for this product?

No, product can be installed immediately after purchase.

4. If we beat your current price? 

We expect to do business with you - if you don't buy from us at that point it tells us you're just shopping.

5. What are Product use cases?. 

Good for home flips, new construction, remolding rooms. Any thing inside.

6. Do you deliver and amount on hand that you stock?

Yes, we deliver. We stock 13 colors and have over 3 million square feet available in warehouse to ship out at all times.

7. If I place a last minute order what happens?

We understand - being in the flooring business 19 plus years - that flooring is the last thing that goes in the project. Thus, we handle just in time delivery - with 4 hours notice.

8. How are warranty issues handled? 

We handle all warranty issues in house. We replace all defects and wear issues immediately. We deal with the manufacturer on the back end to get the product back to us so the customer is not inconvenienced. Doesn't matter what the issues are "we replace and deliver product to you".

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