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1. How is Pricing Determined? 

Pricing is dictated by the amount of flooring purchased - the more you buy the cheaper our price. Our prices generally start at palate prices (one palate is 1200 square feet and up).

2. Does Flooringdealz provide Quotes?

Yes. Please note, flooring prices are like any other commodity sold on the market - prices change on an hourly basis. Any price quoted for a particular product is only good for one day. 

3. How is Flooringdealz different than Big Box stores?

To take a quote straight from The Home Depot web page: "At the end of the day, we're in the people business." Well, Flooringdealz is in the flooring business. We specialize in flooring. We don't have thousands of other products to learn and have knowledge of. We just do flooring! High-grade, Mid-grade and Low-grade, or as we say "Good, Better and Best". Our goal is to provide you with the best flooring for your budget at the best price. That's it, real simple. 

4. Why Flooringdealz prices are ALWAYS more affordable than Big Box store prices?

Our prices will always be more affordable than Big Box stores. Why? Because we buy product in bigger bulk and all we buy is flooring directly from manufacturers. Additionally, our relationship is more personable with the manufacturer because all we talk about is flooring. We stay on top of the newest trends, latest technologies and best techniques of installation. Must importantly, we don't carry overhead - and for that reason alone WE WILL ALWAYS be more affordable. Period!

5. What is Flooringdealz' Quote and Estimate process?

STEP 1: A Flooringdealz expert gives you a price on your flooring.

STEP 2: We verify your current purchase price of said product - thru proof of invoice or receipt of previous purchases. 

STEP 3: You sign a letter of intent to purchase the item.

STEP 4: Flooring is paid for and delivery is set up.

This is all done in strict order because: a) we are bulk suppliers and we won't damage our relationships with manufacturers by having them pulling and holding flooring unnecessarily and; b) we can't fulfill unreasonable expectations (for example quoting you a price for 1500 square feet and comparing that to someone that's buying 120,000 square feet). 

7. What if a Big Box store price is cheaper for the product we quote?

If the price from a Big Box store is cheaper than the price we quote, simply put, it's not the same product! Big box stores sell products that we don't sell and will give you a price based on your budget. Whereas, we give prices based on your needs and application of the flooring. This will ensure longer wear and proper warranty. 

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